• Dreaming (Or Is It?)

    A medium-length film adapted and translated from Pirandello’s play Sogno (ma forse no), which was written (during 1928–29) late on in his career when he had become intrigued by cinema and interested in scenography.

    A young woman awakes from a dream. Or does she? And who bought her the pearls?

    Starring Eloise Sheffield and Tobias Forbes. Adapted, Directed and Produced by Simon Image. Director of Photography: Doug Rollins.

  • Come and Gone

    Samuel Beckett’s two monologues – That Time and A Piece of Monologue.

    Jeremy Allen stars in these fascinating, fragmented hymns to solitude, doubt, disintegration and survival.

  • The Cap and Bells

    A jealous wife, an absent husband, and a philosophical clerk…

    These are the ingredients for Pirandello’s 1917 tragi-comedy. The Fiorica household is torn apartbut did the fatal deed really occur? In this tale of jealousy, madness and revenge, passion battles reason, with surprising results…

    Starring Vinny Cochrane and Rhiannon Kelly. Directed by L. Graham. Produced by Simon Image.